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Hi Mates, I am Nelay Banerjjee. 

I live in the City Of Joy, proudly named as Kolkata, the capital city of the British Indian Empire until 1911. Even today, my city is considered the cultural capital of India because of the large number of writers, painters, dancers, and artists come from my city.

Definitely, I am a fitness freak, though I get very little or no time to practice my religion, my love, and my passion which is fitness. I am an avid reader of anything and everything related to fitness, be it books, magazines or web publications. I love to talk about fitness, think about fitness, and feel the fitness spirit inside me. The Gym is a temple to me. Practising fitness / bodybuilding is such a wonderful feeling of completeness. My hero, the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger had even compared Bodybuilding to orgasms in “Pumping Iron”, the movie.

However, the saddest part of my life is being in a very responsible position of a Life Insurance Company and looking after the service delivery of more than a hundred bank branches spread all over West Bengal, I seldom get the time to hit the gym. Like most of the middle-class people in Kolkata, my normal office hours are seldom less than 12 hours on a typical day. This is a catch 22 situation for me where I need the job to sustain my family and support my Bodybuilding goals, but due to my hectic job schedule, I can rarely hit the gym. Sigh!

At times, during the months of October, November, December and early January, when the business volumes are generally low, I manage to hit the gym to transform myself every year, only to witness the spoliation of my resurrected body during the later parts of the year.

Every year, I transform myself from a flabby body to a toned one losing about 12 to 15 kg in about 2-3 months, only to gain more than that lost volume later in the year. During these positive months of OND and early Jan, I get the time to hit the gym, prepare my diet and do whatever necessary for a healthy lifestyle. I remain happy and my body shows the results. It becomes more toned, more muscular and visually acceptable. But in the later parts of the year, when the work volume at my office increases, going to the gym stops and thriving on fast food and cola becomes normal. Eventually, my body takes the shape of a Walrus. 

I know such a destructive lifestyle is taking its toll on me. The enormous stress due to my work-life imbalance results in abnormal values of liver enzymes (SGPT/SGOT), my VLDL, Serum Creatinine and C - Reactive protein, suggesting serious issues with my liver, kidney and cardiovascular system. This is definitely reducing my life expectancy. It’s like sitting duck on a ticking time-bomb waiting for it to explode.

I am sure that many of us share a similar lifestyle but cannot do much to change the same.

To improve our lifestyle, we have to take a three-pronged approach, where we must take care of our mind, body and income generation while putting less stress on ourselves. I shall be searching for different avenues in the quest of a better standard of living and update my journey in the form of a blog. Hence, the creation of this blog was done.

My blog will be the platform to showcase my approach to heighten my mental as well as physical fitness while generating income sources to maintain a better standard of living. My transformation will be based on science & research backed training, diet and supplementation which I believe may act as a solid guideline for all of us having a similar unhealthy lifestyle, to become fit and have a great mind & body to treasure. Gradually, I expect more of us to join this quest to a better lifestyle which will, in turn, improve their life expectancy and standard of life.

Finally, I have picked up the baton in my hand. Question is … will you be next???